Should I wax my car before applying ceramic coating?

No you should not wax your car before applying ceramic coating. Because wax will prevent ceramic coating to properly bond to your car’s paintwork. For getting best results, car detailing experts suggest that the painted surface of your car is residue-free.

So, a good car detailing expert will thoroughly wash your car with a wax free soap, and make it as clean as possible. The goal is to remove all residue on the car’s surface. If residue remains on the body of the car, it will act as a barrier between your ceramic coating and paintwork, preventing a strong bond and proper adhesion.

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Can you wax a car that has ceramic coating?

No it is not a good idea to wax a car that has ceramic coating on it. Because when you put ceramic coating on your car it becomes glossy, right. Now, if you wax the glossy surface of your car, then it will make it look dull.

So, after you’ve put ceramic coating on your car, ensure that your car is kept clean and dirt-free by washing it regularly. This will keep your car in great shape and it will look sparkling clean.

Car Ceramic Coating Videos from YouTube

If you’re not ready yet to get ceramic coating done for your car; below is a great video on how to wax your car?

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