How to keep car mats clean in winter?

The best way to keep car mats clean in winter is to make sure your shoes are clean, before you step into the car. Also, take the mats out of the car on a regular basis, and let them become dry. Then, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dirt and clean the mats with a good car mat cleaner before placing them back into the car.

There are few more things you can do to keep your car mats clean. And, I have shared them with you in this article below, so keep reading.

I completely agree with you that winter months are challenging. And it can become a tiresome job to keep our car clean, right. Sometimes I really feel bad as to how my car looks and smells during these months. With all the ice, snow, salt and sand it gets really messy, isn’t it? Like me, if you live in cold Saskatoon, Canada then you definitely share the pain.

So what do we do to keep our car mats clean?

Like I said at the beginning, the best way to protect the mat and the interior of the car (especially the floor) is to keep it clean and dry; as much as you possibly can.

At all costs, we do not want the mats to remain wet inside the car for a long amount of time. Because that will cause damage to the metal floor of the car. Salt which is tracked inside the car along with the slush allows the moisture to get trapped into the carpets, and then it seeps deeper and penetrates all the way down to the metal floor.

The salt and moisture gradually corrodes the metal while the sand damages the paint and speeds up the corrosion process. In addition to this, the dampness tends to make the car smelly and that becomes a place for germs and bacteria to thrive.

Does the quality of mat make a difference?

Yes! It absolutely does. Mats add to the overall appeal of the interior of the car and stains on them tend to make it look unsightly. Automakers put all electronic and wiring components under the carpets, which face a risk of failure due to contact with water and salt.

Waterproof mats will act as a barrier and stop the salt and moisture from penetrating the floor of the car and also prevent rusting of metal. Mats bear the brunt of the cold and moist weather. Invest in a good quality rubber mats which are durable and form a protective barrier.

More Tips

Read on for tips which will prove handy in keeping your car mats clean during winter and also how to clean them if they are soiled.

  • Avoid using cotton mats during the winter season. Cotton mats soak up moisture very quickly and allow it to penetrate to the floor very fast
  • Buy good quality rubber mats, not the plastic ones which are cheap and do not provide proper coverage. They also tend to break easily.
  • Rubber mats are easy to wash and are resistant to dirt and water. It also protects the carpets underneath.
  • Place old towels under the mats to absorb any stray moisture. But a word of caution, ensure that you don’t place it in a way that it gets tangled or jammed while driving, causing an accident.
  • Check to see if the rubber mats have raised sides, else the channels will allow the water to run in all directions.
  • In case you prefer to stick with the carpets, keep a pair of shoes which you can change into before getting into the car.
  • You can cover your mats with newspapers which can be replaced when they are soiled.
  • You can also use a plastic sheet which can be washed out when they are dirty.
  • Try parking your car in covered spaces, you will avoid tracking mud and slush into the car.
  • If you park your car in a private garage, you can leave the windows down which will help dry out any moisture. If it is not possible to do so, take out the mats and allow them to dry out at a place which is free from moisture.
  • Keep your car heater to the maximum and aim to the floor which will help drying out any residual moisture.

How to keep your mats salt-free?

Carpets and car mats are a nightmare to clean during winters because the fibers absorb the salt and dirt causing stains. Allow your mats to dry out completely before attempting to clean them. Wet mats are not only difficult to clean but you will cause more damage to them.

  • Salt stains may appear permanent but can be cleaned with very little effort. All you need is a hand-held steam wand which emits a lot of heat with little steam. It is perfect for this kind of cleaning. Use a pair of rubber gloves to prevent your hands from getting dirty.
  • Beating or hitting the carpet is a handy and easy way of cleaning the mats. This trick is used by professional detailers which brings to life the dullest of mats. Slapping the mat with the vacuum nozzle or hand brings the sand and salt to the surface making it easy to vacuum.
  • If you don’t happen to have a vacuum handy, you can use a hard bristle brush to clean the mats. They also work perfectly fine if the grime has not settled too deeply into the mats.
  • For intensive cleaning, spray-on the cleaning agent which loosens the dirt and salt. Use a brush head to work up a foam and clean the dried dirt. After using the cleaner use a sponge or cloth to blot the excess foam and dirt from the mats.

A little effort is all that it takes to make things last longer. Make an effort to keep the moisture out, since even a little moisture can lead to mildew. Take some extra time out during winters to give your car a little TLC, and the end result is a healthy car which will not let you down in the poor weather. If you want to find out about the best car detailing services in Saskatoon, SK, Canada then definitely check out this review.

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